Our Mission

The NextGen SmartyPants Foundation aims to inspire children to want to learn more by complementing their in-school education with engaging, enlightening hands-on engineering projects and applications. Our team of skilled engineers, teachers, and parents use STEAM curriculum to inspire curiosity amongst both children and adults, fostering their enthusiasm to want to learn more. We center our curriculum around a student’s ability to ideate, create, and problem-solve. Students gain the ability to articulate for themselves, and are inspired to use the skill sets they develop in their creative endeavors beyond the classroom.

We firmly believe that students are able to grow into the best versions of themselves when they feel inspired, empowered, and motivated to do so. That’s why we aim to bring our fun, flexible, and student-centered curriculum to all communities. More than the skills that our students learn and the projects that they create, our goal is for our students to overall develop a love for learning and curiosity for the world around them, feeling as if they are able to achieve any goal - whether academic or personal - they put their minds to.